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The top 5 reasons why companies use this web site to find an Employee Wellness Program.
#1 IT'S FREE and you save time!
( The quote request process takes under three minutes and you will conveniently receive multiple quotes from the nation's leading wellness programs in your email! You can literally save three to eight hours of your time by simply submitting a quote request. )
#2 You don't have to include a phone number!
( You can get your quotes by email and email only! )
#3 You control who receives your quote request!
( On the final form of your quote request you will see a list of companies who participate in WELLNESSquotes dot com. You can check or uncheck a company which will control whether or not they receive your request for more information.)
#4 We are not a broker and prescreen all providers!
( Since we aren't a broker we do not receive a commission from the wellness program you select. Therefore we are able to connect you to wellness companies with no bias of our own! We thoroughly research each wellness program we invite into our network. They must meet strict experience and service quality requirements. )
#5 No spam!
( The providers have agreed not to send any unsolicited mail in excess of the quote/follow-up. )

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The Entire Corporate Wellness Program Quote Request consists of three parts and takes less than two minutes to complete. On the final page (3) you will be given complete control over which wellness programs will receive this request. You will also be able to specify how you prefer to be contacted by those recipients.





1) How many employees does the company you represent have?  

2) What are your interests?

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Employee Training/Education Programs
Online Health Management
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Health Fairs
HRA (health risk assessment) Questionnaires.

Why are you interested in a Wellness Program?
(This will save you from explaining your companies unique needs to each Wellness Program you select.)

3) When would you plan to implement an Employee Wellness Program?

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4) Please state your Position at the company you represent:

5) Does your companies' budget have room for services like a Wellness Program?

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6) Are you the person who will be making a decision about how and when to pursue a Wellness Program?
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